JA Vagabonds History


The JA Vagabonds were from Western Nebraska, Box Butte Co. including the towns Alliance and Hemingford.

The Corps director and founder, Lou Chleborad was a charter member of the Union Pacific Corps of Omaha, NE. (Later known as the Railmen)

The JA Vagabonds received initial instruction from the Casper Troopers in nearby Wyoming.

Sponsored by Alliance's American Legion Post #7, the corps changed their original name (JA Corps) slightly to the JA Vagabonds. JA stood for the initials of a young man, John Anderson, from Box Butte Co. John was Box Butte's first fatality in the Vietnam War.

The corps originated in 1968 and marched for 2 years, through 1969. The JA Vagabonds competed in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Kansas.

The design for the corps' souvenir button was done by a local sign vendor.

From Jim Brennan (corps member)